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Tamsulosin is a specific competitive blocker of postsynaptic alpha 1 adrenoceptor, especially alpha 1A and alpha 1D subtype, located in the smooth muscle of the prostate, bladder neck, prostatic urethra and detrusor. It reduces the tone of smooth muscle of prostate and urethra, enhancing the flow of urine and reduces bladder instability phenomena. This leads to a reduction in obstructive symptoms (discharge) and irritation (filling) associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The described effects on the symptoms of obstruction and irritation persists for prolonged use.
Antagonists buy deca durabolin can reduce blood pressure by reducing peripheral resistance. Using drugs Omnic Okas in a daily dose of 0.4 mg of clinically significant reductions in blood pressure were observed.

Form  provides long and slow release of tamsulosin that provides sufficient exposure to weak vibrations for 24 hours. Tamsulosin shaped Omnic  absorbed in the intestine. The absorption is estimated to be 57% of the administered dose. On the absorption of tamsulosin in the form of Omnic not affect food intake. Tamsulosin is characterized by linear pharmacokinetics. After a single oral 0.4 mg dose on an empty stomach its maximum plasma concentration is reached after an average of 6 hours. In the equilibrium state, which is achieved by the 4th day of admission, the plasma concentration of tamsulosin peaking after 4-6 hours both fasting and postprandial. Peak plasma concentration increases from about 6 ng / ml after the first dose to 11 ng / ml at steady state. As a result of the sustained release Omnic Okas, the lowest concentration of tamsulosin in plasma amounts to 40% of the peak plasma concentrations of fasting and after eating. There is considerable individual variation among patients in relation to plasma drug concentration after a single dose and multiple dose. Distribution: . Relationship to plasma proteins – about 99%, volume of distribution is small (about 0.2 l / kg) Metabolism: Tamsulosin is slowly metabolized in the liver formation of less active metabolites. Most of tamsulosin in plasma is presented in unmodified form. The ability to induce the activity of microsomal liver enzymes in tamsulosin no practical (experimental data). In hepatic failure is not required correction dosing regimen. Excretion: Tamsulosin and its metabolites are primarily excreted in the urine, with approximately about 4-6% of the drug is excreted unchanged form. The half-life after a single reception and in equilibrium Omnic Okas 0.4 mg of 19 and 15 hours, respectively.


Indications for use . Benign prostatic hyperplasia (treatment dizuricheskih disorders).

Contraindications .


  • Hypersensitivity to tamsulosin or any other component of the formulation.
  • Orthostatic hypotension.
  • Severe hepatic insufficiency.
  • In case of acute hypotension in overdose, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of cardiovascular activity (treatment – symptomatic).
    Blood pressure and heart rate can recover when taking sick horizontal position. If no effect is possible to apply means which increase blood volume and, if necessary, vasoconstrictors. It is necessary to monitor renal function. It is unlikely that dialysis would be effective as tamsulosin extensively bound to plasma proteins.
    In order to prevent buy deca durabolin further absorption of the drug it is advisable to gastric lavage, activated charcoal and an osmotic laxative, such as sodium sulfate.Interaction with other drugs . In the appointment of tamsulosin with atenolol, enalapril, nifedipine or theophylline interactions were found. In an application with cimetidine was a slight increase in tamsulosin concentration in plasma; furosemide – concentration decrease, but it does not require changing the dose Omnic Okas as the drug concentration is within the normal range. Diazepam, propranolol, trichloromethiazide, chlormadinone, amitriptyline, diclofenac, glibenclamide, simvastatin and warfarin does not alter tamsulosin free fraction in human plasma in vitro. In turn, serves as tamsulosin free fractions of diazepam, propranolol, trichlormethiazide and chlormadinone.
    The in vitro studies have not been found at the level of interaction with the hepatic metabolism of amitriptyline, salbutamol, glibenclamide and finasteride. Diclofenac and Warfarin may increase the elimination rate of tamsulosin.
    Concurrent administration of other antagonists α 1 adrenoceptor may lead to hypotensive effects.

    Special instructions . As with other α 1 adrenoblokatorov, in the treatment of drug Omnic Okas, in some cases there may be a decrease in blood pressure, which in rare cases may cause fainting. At the first signs of orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, weakness), the patient should sit or lie down and remain in that position for as long as the symptoms do not disappear.

    When surgery for cataracts in patients receiving the drug may develop the syndrome intraoperative instability iris (narrow pupil syndrome), it is necessary to consider surgery for preoperative patient preparation and conduct of operations.
    Before therapy with Omnic Okas, the patient should be examined with so as to exclude the presence of other diseases that can cause the same symptoms as benign prostatic hyperplasia. Before you start treatment and regularly during therapy should be performed digital rectal examination and, if necessary, determination of prostate specific antigen (PSA).

  • In renal failure does buy deca durabolin not require dose changes.